we are all
some of us just don't get it

Wooden forms

When the usual squares of paintings are not enough. initially we cut out on the machine and after that we paint.

Wooden figures

acrylic, engraved font on the right figure
30 cm

"Ash Seeketh Embers"

Plywood, acrylic,
«I was in every home»

150х130 cm
Plywood, acrylic, stain
"Association game"

170x80 cm
Wood, acrylic
"I"ll cover you"

95x150 cm
wood, acrylic, diodes
"Now you see me"

Ø169 cm
wood, acrylic
"The giant isn't afraid of the only light in the room"

130 x 115 cm
wood, acrylic, plexiglass, diode, battery back⠀

"Funeral dolls"

polymer clay,wood, acrilyc,branch
10cm,15 сm

"Hell is empty, all demons are here "

Ø22, Ø16, Ø14 cm
wood, acrylic,stain


wood, acrylic,

80 x 120 cm
wood, acrylic, rope
"In the spring of your eyes
and the gallows, and the hanged man, and the rope."

potal, acrylic, wood ⠀
120x80 cm
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